Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hapiness OF Blackness.

Hello my dear lovers! I'am trying to be much more active as better, i'am not very busy this month so i'am more on blogger. Like in my desciption such as on Lookbook or Chicismo, i said that's fashion was a game b'cause i love to play with fashion,. I'am somebody who gets very bored, so i change style as much i can. And i might say that i consider myself as an cameleon lol. I can be preppy and chic monday and vintage and rock tuesday it's depend of my humour and my inspirations. I think like all fashionista I hate having the same clothes like everybody, i'ill say that i don't follow fashion i just do my one thing.
 i'am rarely wearig vintage clothes right now :(, i miss being vintage because its the only style  i feel comfortable. I think next months i will take some beautiful pictures with my vintage clothes, i miss them so much lol. They are in my clothes and , so i must wear them.
My style this weekend was very rock: My boyfriend took this pictures and i thank him so much. I'am praying to have a new camera. I'am tired of this one.

Ps: I'am not wearing a skirt.

Sweater: Aliexpress/ Short: Zara/ Boots: Sergio Todzi
I fall in love with this sweater.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

La Vie En Rouge

Hello girls it's have been a longtime i didn't post on blogger! It's because i was in vacation in Lisbon.
And i was so busy there, but unfortunaly i didn't took pictures i forgot my Nikon snifff... That's very sad. But i going there in July again and i promise you that i ill take beautiful pictures! Because i really love portugal.
So i just want to thanks everybody who visit my blog, and who love my style i really appreciate that.
 i'am back from lisbon, took some quick pictures of my outfit. It's was very sunny today, a beautiful day. I'am still praying for spring and summer lol.

Top: Primark/ Skirt: Mims/ Heels: Zara