Monday, February 24, 2014

Praying For spring


Hello ! how are you girls?, this weekend i really had a great time. And the weither was so nice, so wonderful . I feel like in spring, so this weekend like all my weekends i go out with my friends. I Swear it's was not cold at all.So i'am wearing a old vintage skirt, it's a skirt very chic and i love this skirt, my old friend gave it too me last winter, it's the first time i'am wearing it! Just wanted to say, i'am preparing to go to lisbon next monday. I miss all of my good friends and family there, i need some vacations! Stay focus !

Top: Zara/ Skirt: Vintage skirt/ Heels: Stradivaruis/ Necklace: Vintage Necklace / Coat: Camaieu.

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