Saturday, September 13, 2014

La Fashion Rentrée 2014.

I'am a huge fan of the american designer Jeremy scott since 2010, i love his imagination he got always some grazy ideas, and his collection autumn-winter 2014-2015 is just amazing and colorful.
Les couleurs de la rentrée: Le rouge,le gris et'l'indémodable jaune./The colors of the season: red, gray and yellow timeless

My Fashion Icon the style-setter,Miroslave Duma i love everything about her ARTY look. 

Jessica from Texas known as VintageVirgin was and still ill  be a huge inspiration for me. I'am following in tumblr facebook etc.. since 2010. And i must say she so adorable and kind,i'am in love with her boheme-vintage style. I love the way she dress, and i'am waiting for her news looks. her blog<<

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